Smart Cities Car Rental Solution

The goal of the Online Car Rental Marketplace is to support & raise business of Car Rental Companies in the region. Caryaati is an online marketplace where car rental companies virtually park their vehicles to offer them on rent, and we manage their orders and bookings. Caryaati is the only marketplace in the region that integrates with the back-end ERP system and allows you to place real-time bookings. Through Caryaati, rent a car companies can advertise their business on our website through banners, short advertisement videos, map marker and much more.

Rental Companies can also use refreshers to maintain their visibility on the top. Caryaati assigns personalized dashboards to the customers for their convenience and deal as a priority customer. We also provide them the best customer care to facilitate and raise the business of the car rental companies’ at Caryaati.

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