3 Successful Decades of Softseek Technologies

We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary this year. It has been a very successful 3rd decade where we have created and successfully delivered projects to clients from myriad industries across the Emirates, Pakistan,Canada and many other countries. We envision ourselves continuing on this successful path for more future ventures where we deliver cutting edge solutions for all our clients.

Proficient Experts

Our team comprises of top notch talented and skilled professionals, who are specialists in their field.

Satisfactory Work

We provide you a quality product which is tailored to what the recipient likes and is up to the perfection mark!

Personalized Products

The experts in our team sculpt your ideas into reality, and offer you products that match your requirements.

Backend Management

Softseek’s officials also provide their customers persistent backend support once their product is delivered.

our Products

Online Car Rental Marketplace

The goal of the Online Car Rental Marketplace is to support & raise business of Car Rental Companies in the region: CarYaati online Marketplace, where car rental companies may virtually park their vehicles to offer on rent, and we do the rest. CarYaati online marketplace is the only marketplace in the region that may integrate with the back-end ERP system and place the real-time bookings. Through Caryaati online car rental marketplace, Rent a Car Companies may advertise their business by placeing various banners, videos Map Markers & much more. Rent a Car Companies may use refreshers to maintain their visibility on the Top... Caryaati assigns personalized dashboards to the customers for their convenience & deal as a priority customer. And provide them the best customer care to facilitate and to raise the business of the car rental companies’ @Caryaati.


We have launched Car Rental ERP-iii Cloud to manage a complete car rental smart business operations like fleet management, accounts, Toll Tax & Fines management, asset management, mobile application for drivers & customers with enormous features that may provide complete satisfaction and convenience for the car rental company owners or staff. We do offer essential customization as per the client's need. You may use multiple devices & self-service Kiosks with our specially designed web Application. Your Car Rental Company may assign Booking Engine to their Business Partners, like hotels, travel agencies and many more other businesses. These tools are the perfect fit for the front foot marketing strategy to achieve maximum business from the market.

Learning Management System

Softseek’s learning management system is fully focused on fusing technology and education together and get rid of the old conventional classes. It helps the students to keep up with the teachers and lectures, that adds up to their academic performance. As Albert Einstein once said ‘if you ask a fish to climb a tree, it will spend its entire life thinking it is stupid’. Keeping that in mind, students who need special attention are those fishes in the conventional classrooms. Our portal allows every student to find a suitable method and pace of study to make sure he is not left behind. Other than that, Softseek’s LMS provides its students and teachers a social platform to interact with each other, have group call sessions and much more. They can also create online quizzes, questionnaires or MCQs, and pupils can participate online.


School Management System

Softseek’s School Management System allows teachers, students, parents and management of your school to have access to a user-friendly dashboard that deals with different features. It comprises all operations of your institute such as admitting new pupils or generating their certification when they graduate.

Our SMS can help you deal with things such as Test, Updates, Attendance of Students, Schedule, Curriculum; etc. Other than that, generating payrolls, payslips, fee structures. Furthermore, it can work as a social platform for students and teachers to interact with each other.

What We Offer

Mobile Application Development

Our mission is to create the most modern mobile applications for Android, IOS, and multi-platform suitable for all industries. Thanks to a team of versatile and versatile programmers at the helm, we can create many applications with the most efficient and modern interfaces to make your smartphone apps stand out amongst other applications in the app store. We design apps for start-ups, SMEs, as well as for companies with an established position. We do not set a course for possible innovations that can occur because we can operate on any platform. We can create comprehensive solutions in the form of a mobile application that transfers your idea from concept to implementation, as well as during the creation of an application that attracts customers and increases business prospects...


Digital Marketing

If you are not present on the internet, virtually you do not exist. We work hard to establish your reputation across the Internet by using a variety of techniques to market your services.

Among a lot of other marketing strategies, here are a few which we use most frequently:

1) Google Analytics Integration
2) Cost Per Click
3) Ad Designing
4) Ad Monitoring
5) Google Adwords
6) Content Writing
7) SEO
8) social Media internet-marketing

If you are thinking about marketing your website, definitely you want to upbeat the ones who rank higher than you. In order to do that, you need backlinks and the website higher than you in the hierarchy should mention you to nourish your visibility. Our SEO experts are quite handy to deliver these results.

Marketing is not everything. In fact, targeted marketing is required to achieve results. We ensure that your ads will be displayed at the optimum spots for user engagement and lead generation.

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